First Mate Guides Online

Author's confession

I am truly sorry, but since we downsized to a small apartment in order to move our boat and spend our time on European waterways, I no longer have the space or physical ability to produce and make the guidebooks. Since 1999, they have been hand-made, as it is impossible for a publisher to reproduce the A4 sheets. Someone volunteered to take on the business, but that didn't work out, nor were the guides updated during that time.

But, there is still much useful information in them, which my husband and I wish to make available to boaters, and we have therefore decided to offer them on a sort of 'shareware' basis. They have been converted into PDF format - thank you Stuart - the advantage is that you can print the files yourself, or copy them onto your Kindle, tablet, or laptop, making the guides much more portable. If paper sheets become dog-eared, you can print them again. Caveat emptor: the files will not be regularly updated.

However, I will still have the expense of setting up and maintaining this website, so I am asking for a donation for each book you download. If there aren't enough donations to pay the site fees, then we will have to call it a day and First Mate Guides will no longer be available to anybody. Thank you for your interest.



If there is enough left over after expenses for a glass or two of chilled Bourgogne Aligote (you should try it), I shan't be disappointed!

More details

This 'brochure' was put together when we thought we could 'e-publish' the guides as a serious business. The details of the guides are still correct, just ignore the bits about unzipping and passwords, and the promise to update them!